TV By The Numbers- “Big Nang” Still On Top

“Prime Suspect” hits ratings low, “Big Bang” still tops

ReutersBy Tim Kenneally | Reuters

LOS ANGELES ( – With numbers from Game 6 of the World Series on Fox still pending, “The Big Bang Theory” holds the top ratings spot of Thursday night. NBC’s comedy block suffered a series of
losses, and “Prime Suspect” hit a series low, according to preliminary numbers.

The Big Bang Theory

“Big Bang” at 8 slid 12 percent from last week, but still towered over the competition, scoring a 4.5 rating/13 share in the adults 18-49 demographic and 14.2 million total viewers.

“Rules of Engagement” followed at 8:30, taking a 3.4/9 and 10.7 million total viewers, while “Person of Interest” at 9 was down 4 percent for a 2.6/6 and 11.5 million total viewers.

Prime Suspect

“The Mentalist” closed the night at 10, performing flat with last week with a 2.5/6 and 12.2 million total viewers. The combined performances gave CBS an average 3.0/8, which barring World Series results is currently the best performance for a network Thursday night, and an average 12 million total viewers — also the highest ranking for the night as
things now stand.

NBC’s outlook was not nearly so rosy, with the network taking double-digit hits pretty much across the board. “Community” at 8 took an 18 percent hit from two weeks ago (the network ran repeats last Thursday) to tie for its series low with a 1.4/4 and 3.4 million total viewers, while “Parks and Recreation” at 8:30 also tied for a series low, dropping 14
percent to a 1.8/5 and 3.8 million total viewers.

Promotional poster

“The Office” at 9, meanwhile, hit its lowest numbers ever, slipping 15
percent to a 2.8/7 and 5.4 million total viewers. “Whitney” at 9:30 was the
network’s sole bright spot , climbing 5 percent for a 2.1/5 and 4.2 million
total viewers. “Prime Suspect” closed the night at 10 with a series low,
dropping 8 percent for a 1.2/3 and 4 million total viewers.

At ABC, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” kicked off the night at 8, receiving a 5 percent boost over last year’s telecast with a 2.3/6 and 7.3 million total viewers. “Grey’s Anatomy” at 9 and “Private Practice” at 10 also posted modest gains, with the former scoring a 3.7/9 and 9.8 million total viewers, and the latter taking a 2.4/6 and 6.5 million total viewers.


Transforming age-worn cells in people over 90 into rejuvenated stemcells

‘Rejuvenated’ stemcells coaxed from centenarian

By Marlowe Hood | AFP

Scientists said Tuesday they had transformed age-worn cells in people over 90 — including a centenarian — into rejuvenated stemcells that
were “indistinguishable” from those found in embryos.

Embryonic stem cells are pictured through a microscope viewfinder in a laboratory,

The technical feat, reported in the peer-reviewed journal Genes & Development, opens a new path toward regenerative medicine, especially for the elderly, the researchers said.

“This is a new paradigm for cell rejuvenation,” said Jean-Marc Lemaitre, a researcher at the Institute of Functional Genomics at the University of Montpellier and the main architect of the study.

“The age of cells is definitely not a barrier to reprogramming,” he told AFP by phone.

That human embryonic stem cells (ESC) can potentially become any type of cell in the body has long held out the tantalizing promise of diseased organs or tissue being repaired or replaced with healthy, lab-grown cells.

A scheme of the generation of induced pluripot...

But the leap from theory to practice has proven difficult, and fraught with
ethical and moral concerns because any such procedure requires the destruction of a human embryo.

The discovery in 2007 that it is possible to coax certain adult cells back
into their immature, pre-specialised state has fuelled renewed efforts to
generate brand new muscle, heart or even brain cells, this time from raw
material provided by the patient.

Experiments to date, however, have shown that the usual chemical recipe for generating these so-called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) works less well or not at all with the elderly and very elderly — precisely the cohort with the most to gain from regenerative therapies.

Diseases and conditions where stem cell treatm...

The barrier was cellular senescence, a natural process linked to ageing that can trigger cell death when certain mechanisms within the cell become too degraded to function properly.

Lemaitre and colleagues decided to alter the standard genetic starter kit
used to generate adult stemcells by adding two new ingredients — known as transcription factors — called NANOG and LIN28.

Experiments with human subjects ranging in age from 74 to 101 showedthat the new cocktail worked.

Several critical markers of ageing in cells were “reset”, including the size
of telomeres, the tiny protective caps found on the ends of chromosomes that wear down with age, the researchers reported.

Telomeres and telomerase, the enzyme that control them, are a key agent in longevity.

Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get worn down a little bit. The enzyme’s job is to partially rebuild them. Eventually, when the telomeres are worn beyond repair, a cell dies.

Diagram of stem cell division and differentiat...

Gene expression profiles, levels of oxidative stress, and the metabolism of the cell’s energy-generating mitochondria were all likewise rejuvenated, according to the study.

“The age markers in the cell has been erased,” said Lemaitre. “The iPSC stemcells we got can produce functional cells of all types with a capacity to proliferate and enhance longevity.”

By reversing the age-altered physiology of the cells, he added, the new reprogramming technique “may constitute an optimal strategy for developing cell-based therapies for aged patients.”

A large gap remains between this “proof-of-concept” study and therapeutic applications, the researchers cautioned.

And recent experiments with mice suggests that generating adult stemcells may yet face unexpected barriers.

Certain kinds of iPSC may be rejected by the immune system even if they are derived from the same organism, the experiments showed.

Zombies Permeating The World- Books, Music, Videos, Movies, Comics, Games

Photos: Pop Culture Zombies

From classic cinema to B-horror flicks, from video games to comic books—TIME looks at zombies throughout the decades.

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walking dead, zombies, Movies

Architecture As Jewelry

Ancient Architecture + Modern Costume Jewelry-Making =

// Ever try wearing a red-carpeted spiral staircase, suiting up in a stunning cathedral, wrapping your wrist or neck in an aqueduct or arcade, or perhaps just putting your hand straight through an ornate window? This strange set of architecture-inspired bangles, collars and coils make just about anything seem possible.

These fascinating accessories seem to mold themselves to their wearers  like living works of art, animated dream-like sculptures. Joshua  DeMonte’s unique (post)modern jewelry pieces sure do make a statement,  but what that statement is could be a bit difficult to say.

Sometimes a fashion design idea is functional, and sometimes couture is fashioned to make a designer statement – this is clearly a case of the latter, with Classical Roman and Greek building elements as well as exaggerated Gothic structural details and decorative touches applied to gigantic pieces of unwearable jewelry.


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Image Of The Day- “Happy Halloween”


“Happy Halloween”
by Charles Oliver


"Happy Halloween" by Charles Oliver

Click image to view full size…

For more art by the artist visit…

Charles Oliver Art – Contemporary Art
The Shenandoah Collection – Traditional Fine Art

News Photo Image Of The Day

Filipinos clean tombs in advance of All Saints’ Day

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

All Hallows, All souls, All-Saints’ Day

A man stands on a ladder as he cleans his son’s tomb located in an ‘Apartment Style’ public cemetery in Navotas city, north of Manila, Philippines, on October 31.

Coat of arms of the Philippines

Over 80 percent of the Philippines’ 94.9 million people are Catholics and observe All-Saints’ Day on November 1 with visits to the cemetery to offer prayers for the dead. ‘Apartment-style’ tombs are those that are laid one on top of another and are a cheaper alternative for many cash-strapped Filipinos.

In Poor Taste Halloween Party and Pizzeria Fire

“Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” and Domino’s
Employees Suspected of Setting Fire to a Papa John’s Pizzeria

By Adriana Diaz | Trending Now

Twitter is calling it “the world’s most inappropriate Halloween party.” It’s
the annual office party for a Buffalo, New York-based law firm. The Steven J. Baum firm processes so many foreclosures that it’s nicknamed “the foreclosure factory.”

New York Times

Pictures that recently surfaced from last year’s Halloween party show the firm’s staffers dressed up as homeless people. One employee had a costume holding up a sign that read “3rd party squatter. I lost my home and I was never served.” The law firm doesn’t have the best record,
either. It’s being investigated by the Justice Department and is the defendant in two class-action lawsuits. When contacted by the New York Times, the firm called the photos “another attempt by the New York Times to attack our firm and our work.” It did however apologize
for the pictures. In a statement to Buffalo News, Steven J. Baum, the head of the firm said, “On behalf of the firm, I sincerely apologize for what happened last year at our Halloween party.” Still, on social media people are furious. One person said, “SCREW THESE 2 companies. Banks throw homeless themed costume party.” Others have called the photos “pathological,” “disgusting,” and “unbelievable.” One man simply tweeted,
“Oh man, seriously???” But one comment under the New York Times article about the event tried to defend the firm, saying, “the photos are in bad taste but, as it was intended … as an inside joke, i think we need to keep things in context.” Do you think these Halloween costumes went too
far, even though they were meant to be private? Tell us by “liking” our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


The Web is also buzzing about a feud between two pizza giants that got heated in more ways than one. In Lake City, Florida, two managers of a Domino’s pizzeria allegedly set fire to a Papa John’s across town. The fire, which occurred just over a week ago, led to the arrest of the two Domino’s managers: Bryan Sullivan (who is suspected of hatching the scheme) and Sean Davidson (who reportedly confessed to helping Sullivan torch the Papa John’s).

Papa John's Pizza

So what was their motive? Well,
apparently they thought that eliminating the competition would increase their bottom line. On social media, some people are saying that life is imitating art. They’re comparing this story to the Discovery Channel show “Pizza Wars,” where competing pizzerias battle it out for supremacy (only without the arson).

Burglars cite social media as a major tool in planning heists

Stats show crooks check social media, Google Street View to
plan robberies

By Mike Wehner, Tecca | Today in Tech

An easily-accessible service that lets everyone know where you are is a
robber’s dream come true, so it’s no surprise that former burglars cite social media as a major tool in planning heists. But the actual statistics of just how many scope out their victims’ digital lives may come as a shock. In a U.K.-based poll, a staggering 78% of vandals say they’ve used social networking sites to plan their moves ahead of time.

74% of convicted burglars admit that once they picked a target, they used
services like Google Street View to get an up-close-and-personal look at the victim’s home. Street View can provide high-resolution photos of millions of homes across the United States, offering robbers the ability to scope out a location without raising suspicion with a physical drive-by.

Telling the world when you’re leaving your house may not be the
best idea after all

An easily-accessible service that lets everyone know where you are is a
robber’s dream come true, so it’s no surprise that former burglars cite social media as a major tool in planning heists. But the actual statistics of just how many scope out their victims’ digital lives may come as a shock. In a U.K.-based poll, a staggering 78% of vandals say they’ve used social networking sites to plan their moves ahead of time.

74% of convicted burglars admit that once they picked a target, they used
services like Google Street View to get an up-close-and-personal look at the victim’s home. Street View can provide high-resolution photos of millions of homes across the United States, offering robbers the ability to scope out a location without raising suspicion with a physical drive-by.

Google street view car in Brighton, UK, camera...

When planning a robbery, burglars often take to the web, using sites like Facebook
to chose a victim — where key details about their everyday routines is on
display. Users frequently post clues as to their work schedules, habits, and upcoming vacations, giving seedy individuals all the information they need to plan the perfect score. Check-in services such as Foursquare
can offer up-to-the-minute tracking of a potential target’s movements,giving robbers ample time to plan a getaway.

Experts say there are a number of things you can do to keep yourself better protected from potential social networking threats, but it means cutting back on boastful posts and check-ins. Bragging about an upcoming vacation is a no-no, as is constantly checking in with services like Foursquare. You should also keep your social network personas as private as possible, and only add friends who you’ve actually met in person. You can take a look at our Facebook privacy guide to get started on that front.

Google Street View trike.

As for Google Maps, there’s not much you can do to keep images and details
about your home from reaching the wrong hands. But making sure potential
burglars never know whether or not you’re home should go a long way to avoiding
being victimized. To get a full rundown of social network break-in stats be sure to check out Credit Sesame’s detailed infographic.

This article originally appeared on Tecca

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Security firm will update your Facebook status so thieves think you’re home

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Four-inch-long Amoebas live Six Miles under the Pacific Ocean

Giant single-celled organisms discovered deep within the
Mariana Trench

By Taylor Hatmaker, Tecca | Today in Tech

The ocean depths have produced many a strange and wonderful
thing — but the deeper you go, the stranger it gets. In the western Pacific’s Mariana Trench — the very deepest spot in the world’s oceans — scientists from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at U.C. San Diego have discovered one of the world’s largest single cell organisms living deeper than was previously thought possible.

Euglena freshwater single celled organisms

The massive xenophyophores — a type of protozoa related to amoebas — are so large that they can easily be observed with the human eye, measuring up to 4″ across.

While they’d been discovered previously around the five mile deep mark — still deep enough into the ocean to crush many living things with sheer undersea pressure — the new find proves that strange single-cell life exists even within the extreme conditions of the trench.

These single-celled organisms are way larger than any previously
on record

To plumb the depths of the trench, the researchers lowered what’s known as a “dropcam” into the pitch-black ocean abyss. The dropcam is essentially a high resolution camera encased in a thick pressure-proof (and waterproof) glass sphere. These extremely primitive organisms can withstand eight tons of pressure per square inch — a record that most of their more highly evolved brethren in the animal kingdom can’t hold a candle to.

(Source) This article originally appeared on Tecca

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Google Doodles Giant Pumpkins

Halloween Google Doodle Carves Up 3 Tons of Pumpkin

By Eric Mack, PCWorld

Google celebrates Halloween with a time-lapse video Doodle of Google employees carving the company name into six ginormous jack o’ lanterns. The video embedded into the Google search page uses HTML5 allows you to start and pause the video to discover funny and quirky scenes.

The giant pumpkins, weighing in at a 1000 pounds each, were delivered to Google’s Mountain View, California campus from nearby Half Moon Bay. Google’s “Doodle team” spent eight hours slicing into them while numerous costumed employees wander in and out of frame. According to Google, Santa Claus, the Village People, and the “peg man” from Google Maps are among those who make an appearance.

“The doodle team wanted to capture that fascinating transformation that takes place when carving a pumpkin,” writes official doodle team member Sophia Foster-Dimino on the Google blog.

The embedded YouTube video graces and features a Serbian-styled soundtrack from Matt Moran and Slavic Soul Party!, according to Foster-Dimino.

The doodle also made a brief appearance a few days early when subscribers of Google’s YouTube channel got a notification it had been uploaded, but it was quickly pulled down on Friday, according to one Google watcher on Google+.

Sticking with the company archetype, the doodle team approached the
pumpkin-carving project as an engineering task.

“If we aren’t careful, the whole pumpkin could collapse,” explains project
co-leader Stephanie Boudreau in the behind-the-scenes video below. “We want to make sure that they’re creative and they’re beautiful and they’re artistic, but we also need to make sure that they’re structurally sound.”

To light the pumpkins, incandescent bulbs attached to a “flicker box” were
used to simulate flickering candles, according to Google photographer Andrew Bender.

Google’s Halloween doodle efforts have ramped up the past few years. Early doodles celebrating the ghoulish holiday integrated classic memes like witches, ghosts, and goblins into the company logo. In 2008, horror legend Wes Craven guest-designed an especially spooky logo, and then in 2010, a multi-panel, clickable doodle told the tale of a Halloween
adventure featuring Scooby-doo, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang from the Mystery Machine.

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