High On Being High

Bloggo’s Homestead courtesy of Google Earth. There aren’t any ground level or street walkabout views because of it’s remoteness. But here are a couple of aerial views of Bloggo’s “Hillbilly Heaven”. Bloggo lives in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia near the West Virginia border.

Bloggo's Homestead 1
Bloggo’s Homestead 1

“When I look west I see the Allegheney mountains. To the east the Massanutten range and the Blue Ridge mountains beyond that, where Shenandoah National Park is located. They wrap around to the north and south. In winter when the leaves are gone you have a 360 degree view of mountains. My wife and I picked out our humble cabin because of the view. It was all about the view. You can put a price on the house and the acreage of the land but you can’t put a price on the view. Why? Because it’s priceless.” -Bloggo

Bloggo's Hacienda

Bloggo's Hacienda


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