I Don’t Know? Do You? Betcha Ya Don’t

Bloggo as you may have already ascertained has no clue whatsoever about anything and everything. This little ditty pretty much sums it up…
“I Don’t Know” song & lyrics by Hank Williams III
(*Disclaimer – Bloggo does not partake in the ingestion of alcoholic beverages except on special social occasions.)
Photo: Hank III’s Duct Taped Boots-

Hank III's Duct Taped Boots
I might get drunk and rob a bank,

shoot my car if it don’t crank
Try to raise a little Cain,
mess the walls up with my brains
Might even join a rodeo,
ride my horse to Buffalo,
change my name to Bill –
I don’t think I ever will
But I can’t promise you I won’t
Some people do, some people don’t
Some people win, some people lose
Some people never get to choose
All you can do is the best you can
and hope things work out like you plan
I plan to stay but I might go
I can’t say cause I don’t know.
(Instrumental break)
I might become the president
 and tell the world I’m heaven sent
Take up drinking cold iced tea,
quit watching women and tv
Might even smoke no cigarettes,
 play my guitar like Dickey Betts
 Get in miss Shania’s pants –
I don’t think I’ve got a chance
 But I ain’t sayin’ I won’t try
to do it all before I die
I just might win, but if I lose,
well I’ll just blame it on the booze*
 Cause I’m just doin the best I can,
and I hope ya understand
I plan to stay, but I might go
and if I do, I told you so


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