Their Ba-a-a-a-ck…

Damn stink bugs! We need to start filling the bird feeders to get the birds around here to feast on the stink bugs. That is if they eat them at all. If they taste like they smell probably not. We usually only keep our bird feeders filled from November to April so as not to attract the bears and raccoons. We got tired of the bears dismantling the feeders and scattering the debris out back and on the deck.

Stink Bug

Stink Bug

I think the stink bugs, like the lady bugs, leave the orchards and farmers fields in the valley and head up here during harvest time. They seem to like sunny open areas on mountain and hill tops. They are seeking the warmth of the sun and homes to find a warm place to escape the winter.

You can saturate them in insecticide and that just walk off and go about their business like nothing happened. They are easy to dispose of though. You can walk right up to them resting on a window, screen or wall and grab them with a tissue or napkin and they make no effort to fly off and get away. When you crush them in your tissue or napkin with your thumb and forefinger they crunch and expel some sort of milky liquid that carries the stink. Yuck!

We haven’t had our lady bug invasion thus far this year. They number in the 1000s as opposed to the stink bugs 100s. The lady bugs are much smaller so find many more ways to get in the house. When they are at their peak you can’t even go outside because there are clouds of them especially on abnormally warm and sunny autumn days. The way to dispose of them is with a vacuum cleaner. Suck them off the walls, ceilings and window ledges. So far the lady bugs have spared us. Haven’t seen one. Something tells me though that they will be here and with a vengeance.

I’ve sealed around door and window frames as best I can to block any possible entrance. It’s working pretty well so far against the stink bugs. I’ve killed an errant few from day-to-day but the amount has been minimal. I shall remain vigilant until the weather turns colder and they disappear for another year,

There’s nothing quite like good ol’ country livin’!

For more reading on this stinky matter:
Stink bugs taking area homes by swarm
A researcher says there are more of the pests this year than last year.


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