Autumn- Right Before Our Eyes

"Shenandoah Valley," oil on canvas, ...

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Falling Sighs

In the past few days the change in color of the tree leaves and vegetation is amazing. There are trees that were mostly green a few days ago now completely bathed in oranges, reds, yellows and golds.
I took these photos around our homestead on the top of a small mountain
(elevation- 1667 ft.) outside of Mount Jackson, Virginia which is in an area known as the Shenandoah Valley nestled in between the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains. These ranges help to make up Appalachia.
Here are some of the images from this afternoon. It is supposed to rain tonite and tomorrow so many leaves will find their way to the ground. Of course many more will hang on until November. By the first snowfall sadly they will all be gone and the trees will stand naked against the cold northwest winds that herald winter.
Also our dog Floppy is included. He loves to ham it up for the camera.

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Map of the Shenandoah Valley

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