On This Day: October 13th

1792: Cornerstone laid for the White House The cornerstone for the White House, the official office and home of every U.S. president and first lady since 1800 (when John and Abigail Adams moved in near the end of his term), was laid this day in 1792.

2010: Amid great fanfare, Chilean workers are rescued 69 days after their mine collapsed in the Atacama Desert, Chile.
1988: The archbishop of Turin, Italy, announced that carbon-14 dating indicated that the Shroud of Turin dates only to the Middle Ages, though the origins of the shroud remain controversial.
1981: One week after the assassination of Anwar el-Sādāt, voters in Egypt approved Ḥosnī Mubārak as the country’s new president.
1946: After being approved by French voters in a referendum, the Fourth Republic Constitution is adopted in France.
1943: Italy declared war on Nazi Germany.
1843: B’nai B’rith, the oldest and largest Jewish service organization in the world, was founded in New York City.

From the Encyclopedia Britannica


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