I Want My MaMa- After I Eat My Fruit & Veggies

Bear cub in an Alaska grocery store

Where we live on top of a mountain we encounter bears from time to time. On our back deck, backyard and driveway. Usually it’s a sow and 2 cubs although this year we have a mom with 3 cubs. This time of year they are filling their tummys trying to put on fat for winter and hibernation.

Cover of "Bear Cub (All Aboard Science Re...
Cover of Bear Cub (All Aboard Science Reader)

We enjoy their visits despite wreaking havoc on our bird feeders, knocking out spindles from the deck railings and stealing storage containers. Twice I have had to go into the woods and retrieve a storage box that contained some cans of paint. On the second retrieval there was evidence that a bear had bit through a can and scattered redwood latex paint all over the ground and bush brush. If you see a redwood colored bear he lives here on our land. -Bloggo


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