With No Food- No Need For A Bathroom

Take a ride in the sky with the Passing Cloud concept

By Mike Wehner,
Tecca | Today in Tech

We’ve known for a while that airships are poised to make a comeback, but the Passing Cloud concept takes the idea of floating to a new port in a much more literal direction. The whimsical twist on air travel is the brainchild of designer Tiago Barros, who hopes that one day travelers
will take to the sky without worry about their destination or how long it will
take to get there.

Floating on the breeze sounds like a lovely way to travel

As the name and concept art suggests, Passing Cloud is really nothing more than a massive collection of high-strength nylon balloons. Travelers can ride the huge floating structure and get off wherever the winds push them. The giant spheres are held together by a rigid stainless steel frame which ensures that groups of passengers aren’t unexpectedly sent in a different direction. The craft has no motor or steering hardware of any kind, so your fate is truly left to the breeze.

While the Passing Cloud is certainly an innovative and nature friendly way to traverse the country, minor things like food and bathroom facilities are still up in the air. Not to mention the unexpected consequences of drifting into a massive storm system or hurricane before the cloud can be properly landed — a maneuver that is also yet to be detailed.

(Source)This article originally appeared on Tecca

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