Toss The Keyboard- Part Deux

Death of the Keyboard: Laser-Guided Typing

Here’s a quick and easy way to decide if you’re cut out to be a forensic
scientist; flip over your keyboard and shake. If not immediately disgusted by the detritus and DNA that comes sprinkling down, congrats! CSI Milwaukee can use you!

And the rest of you? Take heart. Because revolting, bulky and breakable
keyboards could soon be a quaint memory when the last vestige of the typewriter is replaced by lasers and sensors. The Celluon Magic Cube is among the first wave of virtual keyboards to hit the market, a device that projects keys of light on to any flat surface, interprets your finger-tapping and sends each p and q to any Bluetooth device.

Aatma studios in San Francisco took this new reality to an obvious fantasy with a video mock-up of a mythical iPhone 5, using laser
projection to make keyboards AND thumb typing obsolete, so get right on that, Apple.

Screenshot from Linux software KTouch. An imag...
Image via Wikipedia

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