Can’t figure Out Who To Be This Halloween?

The 10 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2011

Justin Bieber and Snooki are so 2010. This year, there’s plenty of
pop-culture news worth mining for Halloween-costume glory. TIME takes a look at the getups that are sure to win any costume contest

Pregnant Beyoncé

What you’ll need:
• Red, blue, pink, yellow, black or green long-sleeved turtleneck unitard
• Color-coordinated eye shadow
• High heels
• Black-and-white striped hat
• A fake (or real) baby bump

Beyoncé is always culturally relevant, but she’s even more, uh, prominent
this Halloween. With her new album, instant classic music videos and that shape-shifting baby bump, a Beyoncé-inspired costume is both timely and pregnant (pun intended) with possibilities. We recommend emulating one of the ’60s-inspired outfits in her “Countdown” video — after all, her baby bump practically steals the show in it. Place both hands on the bump and grin radiantly, to let everyone “feel the love that’s growing inside you.” Dance moves and killer vocals sold separately.

The GOP Presidential Candidates

Michele Bachmann
What you’ll need:
• The Aug. 15, 2011, cover of Newsweek
• Rubber bands
• Staples

Cut out Bachmann’s face from Newsweek cover, poke holes through eyes, staple rubber bands at the edges and place on your face. Tip: it helps to walk around overly wide-eyed, like you just drank a coffeemaker. As for the outfit, you can just reuse your Sarah Palin getup from last year.

Rick Perry
What you’ll need:
• Chaps
• Rugged, Carhartt-style coat
• An oversize belt buckle
• Nightcap

The first three items will let people know you’re Texas’ swaggering “jobs
governor.” The nightcap emphasizes Perry’s sleepiness on the campaign trail.

Herman Cain
What you’ll need:
• A suit
• A pizza box
• A gimmicky jobs plan to restore America to fiscal sustainability and greatness through a systematic overhaul of the federal tax code

Open pizza box, place jobs plan inside. Tip: your plan will sound much more persuasive if you repeat a single number over and over again. Or if you give it extra cheese.

Muammar Gaddafi

What you’ll need:
• An unruly black wig (or this mask)
• Unkempt mustache and goatee
• Gaudy sheets, drapes or pajamas
• Matching kufi or brimless hat
• Dark, square sunglasses
• Female bodyguards (optional)

He was driven from his Tripoli compound by rebel forces in August, but unlike some other African dictators, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is not willing to fade peacefully into the desert night. If you’re interested in inciting some political banter this Halloween, fashion yourself some of the emperor’s clothes using the most obscene fabrics you can find. Just be sure to go for the monochromatic look — Gaddafi isn’t interested in mixing as much as head-to-toe matching — and don’t forget to overaccessorize. Try to find a pin in the shape of Africa or maybe even a golden scepter. Anything that reveals how crazy and powerful you are. Add some incoherent babbling and fist shaking, and you’ll be channeling the King of the Kings of Africa in no time.

rebecca black

Kate Middleton

What you’ll need:
• A knockoff of Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring
• A knockoff of her wedding or engagement dress
• A knockoff of Pippa Middleton’s maid-of-honor dress
• A crazy hat. See: Princess Beatrice
• A curling iron

This Halloween, it might be easier and cheaper to dress up as an actual
princess, as opposed to the Disney versions from years past. With dozens of knockoffs of Kate’s engagement and wedding fashions, you can outfit your entire group of friends as attendees of this April’s royal wedding. Those hoping to ape the now duchess’s engagement style can pick up an imitation blue dress and a knockoff sapphire-and-diamond ring for around $30. It’ll cost a bit more to copy her bridal look — a knockoff of her wedding gown sells for about $1,000, while a copy of Pippa’s maid-of-honor dress goes for $425. But don’t limit yourself to the Middleton family. Take a note from Princess Beatrice, whose pink fascinator stole the show, and be the center of attention with this imitation version. Alas, we haven’t seen any Prince William knockoffs.


Rebecca Black

What you’ll need:
• Long-haired brunette wig
• Purple tank top
• Yellow backpack
• A thick skin

Rebecca Black is very fun, fun, fun, fun, fun to make fun of. The much
maligned teen singer became a viral video sensation earlier this year for her song “Friday,” wherein she belts out laughable lyrics about the days of the week, her banal morning routine and the nail-biting decision of which seat to take in the car ride to school. For added authenticity, bring along a group of fresh-faced friends and carry a calendar. But don’t worry, an actual singing voice is not required as Black’s propensity for Auto-Tune means this costume can work for even the most tone-deaf.

rebecca black

A Mormon

What you’ll need:
• Short-sleeved white button-up shirt
• Necktie (preferably black, no more than moderately fashionable)
• Name tag
• Book of Mormon
• Slacks and dress shoes
• Bike helmet and suspenders (optional)

Between the hit Broadway musical and 2012 GOP candidates, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, Mormons have a big year. Dressing as a Mormon missionary is a great way to tap into the phenom, and is an especially easy costume to prep. Just grab some business-casual clothes, slap on a name tag with the appropriate denomination (the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints) and look abstemious. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can try to convert your fellow revelers. Or you might carry some engraved golden plates, as a nod to the
tablets Joseph Smith said an angel gave him when he established the religion circa 1830. But be wary: if you’re planning on partaking of the devil’s brew, you best do it on the sly.


An Anonymous Hacker

What you’ll need:
• Black suit
• White collared shirt
• Black tie
This mask
• Laptop (optional)

Are you into social anarchy? What about the internal online destruction of
capitalist companies and media conglomerates? Even if you have the computer skills of a 6-year-old, you can easily dress like a dapper hacker this Halloween. A simple suit plus the legendary Guy Fawkes mask from Alan Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta will be useful in concealing your identity and causing partygoers to hide their mobile phones, just in case you’re part of the real-deal hacking collective. After all, no one wants their Twitter feed compromised with pictures of their party-time indiscretions.

Charlie Sheen and the Goddesses

What you’ll need:
• Backward baseball cap or Panama hat
• An inventive vocabulary
• A careless disposition
• A cigarette perpetually hanging from your lips
• Tiger blood
• A blond wig (goddesses only)
• As little clothing as possible (goddesses only)
• Self-destructive attitude (both genders)
• Warlock or Vatican assassin costume (optional)

Dressing as Charlie Sheen is more about imitating his high-octane attitude than his clothes. While Sheen’s filter-free mouth may have dropped his career off a cliff, in his mind he was always in one mode: winning. Make up words. Be arrogant. Insult at will. And be sure to procure yourself some goddesses of only the highest caliber — Sheen himself had two: one a porn star, the other a model. Just be sure to stay sober (or at least say that you are) because whether you are dressed as Sheen or one of his goddesses, the only drug you’ll need this Halloween is Charlie Sheen.

Harold Camping

What you’ll need:
• A stiff suit, brown
• A starched shirt, brown
• A well-worn tie, once again, brown
• The Bible
• A sign that reads: “Judgment Day: May 21, 2011” (cross out May 21, write in Oct. 21)
• A doomsday prophesy

Harold Camping is the 90-year-old biblical scholar who’s wildly predicted the end of the world. Incorrectly. Twice. Assuming his Rapture yarns don’t
materialize — as he predicts — on Oct. 21, you’ll be free to make a wild
prediction of your own, in full costume. Don’t worry if your math skills are
lacking — it’s not like your prediction has to be correct. Just be sure to have a clever, roundabout reinterpretation when it doesn’t come true. Then, make a brand-new prediction and watch people freak out all over again.

A Protester

What you’ll need:
• A clever sign
• Comfortable shoes (optional)

Since the Occupy Wall Street movement made camp in lower Manhattan on Sept. 17, cities from Los Angeles to Boston to Anchorage have been periodically occupied. That means, wherever you choose to sport your protest gear on All Hallow’s Eve, the getup is sure to be a hit. But there’s a catch: these protesters are not one-size-fits-all, so you can’t just toss on your parents’ old Woodstock threads and call it a day. Indeed, these protesters wear everything from suits and ties to jeans and sneakers. The lack of uniformity in dress makes the sign the most crucial component of this costume. Wear whatever you’d like, but make sure to carry a sign that says something clever, snarky and/or negative about rich people. Just be sure your costume doesn’t cost too much — you want to look much more 99% than 1%.

rebecca black

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