Look Out Harley Here Comes Lightcycle

The Lithium-powered TRON Light-cycle

Gotta admit, as a Milwaukee kid there is something about the throaty roar of a Harley Davidson that warms the cockles.

Cover of "Tron (20th Anniversary Collecto...

Cover via Amazon

But the all-electric Light Cycle modeled after the machines in Tron makes a head-snapping case for whisper-quiet technology.

It is the creation of Parker Brothers Choppers out of Texas and Evolve Motorcycles, a made-in-America startup building electric scooters that
are actually a zippy good time.

Since the latest Lithium ion batteries are so small (thanks, cell phone engineers!), motorcycle designers can go nuts with new concepts and this $55,000 baby is proof.

EnerDel/Argonne lithium-ion battery
Argonne National Laboratory

But the Parker Brothers still love their internal combustion, so we also
checked out their grown-up Green Machine, a modern spin on the old Big Wheel rival built around a Harley Davidson engine. Check it out.


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