Full Bags, Big Candy Bars- Top 10 Trick or Treat Cities

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Forbes: America’s 10 Best Cities For Trick-Or-Treating

Best Cities For Trick-Or-Treating

Kids are always looking for ways to maximize Halloween returns, so why not start with the best neighborhoods? Based on data culled by Zillow’s real-estate gurus, here’s a list of the cities and top neighborhoods where residents can score hoard-worthy goodies without too much footwork. San Francisco topped this year’s list, followed by Boston in the number-two spot, and Honolulu at number three. (Photo: Ariel Skelley/Getty Images)

10. Portland, Oregon

1. Laurelhurst
2. Irvington
3. East Moreland
4. Sellwood/Moreland
5. Rose City Park
(Photo: Karen Massier/istockphoto)

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1. Chestnut Hill
2. West Mount Airy
3. Roxborough
4. Center City
5. Manyunk
(Photo: Jeremy Edwards/istockphoto)

8. Los Angeles, California

1. Westwood
2. Brentwood
3. Pacific Palisades
4. Bel Air
5. Venice
(Photo: Daniel Stein/istockphoto)

7. Washington, D.C.

1. West End
2. Kalorama
3. Street Corridor
4. Georgetown
5. Dupont Circle
(Photo: Tom Williams/Roll Call Photos/Newscom)

6. San Jose, California

1. Almaden Valley
2. Willow Glen
3. Cambrian Park
4. Rose Garden
5. Santa Teresa
(Photo: Terry Wilson/istockphoto)

5. Chicago, Illinois

1. Gold Coast
2. Roscoe Village
3. Ravenswood Manor
4. Wrigleyville
5. Bucktown
(Photo: Pawel Gaul/istockphoto)

4. Seattle, Washington

1. Madison Park
2. Queen Anne
3. Ballard
4. Laurelhurst
5. Wallingford
(Photo: Jeremy Edwards/istockphoto)

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

1. Kuliouou-Kalani Iki
2. Kaimuki
3. Waialae-Kahala
4. Manoa
5. Kapahulu
(Photo: Philip Dyer/istockphoto)

2. Boston, Massachusetts

1. Beacon Hill
2. Back Bay
3. North End
4. South End
5. Kenmore
(Photo: Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

1. San Francisco, California

1. Presidio Heights
2. Cow Hollow
3. South Beach
4. Sea Cliff
5. Pacific Heights
(Photo: Teresa Guerrero/istockphoto)
To see more cities and neighborhoods that are great for
trick-or-treating, click here.
Photo of a Halloween trick-or-treater, Redford...

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