A Brand New Porsche For $2000- Fits In Your Hand

Sleekly Designed Porsche BlackBerry Has Gravity-Defying Pricetag

For the discriminating BlackBerry fan, the Bold 9900isn’t the ultimate BBM-running device, it’s the limited edition Porsche Design P’9981 from BlackBerry.
Porsche Boxster (Typ 987)

The P’9981 has the same internal specifications as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but it sports a unique look and feel — styled by Porsche Design. It’s also 10 times as expensive.

That’s not a typo. As slick as the P’9981 looks (for a BlackBerry), we can’t help but laugh out loud at the $2,000 list price. I understand the appeal of limited-edition luxury electronics, but usually when a phone costs this much, it’s covered in 14k gold or adorned with diamonds.

The guys at t-break put together a hands-on video of the special edition device. It will be available at Porsche stores and select retailers.

 Don’t get me wrong — the phone is beautiful. The design is sleek and futuristic and retro all at the same time. But $2,000? If you really need a phone to match your vintage 911 or Boxster Spyder, this might be the phone for you. Ah, who are we kidding? It’s still a BlackBerry.

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