Techie Tricky Treater Garb

9 Incredible Tech-Themed Halloween Costumes

1. Angry Birds

The Clock Bloggers had earned such praise for their Angry Birds costumes that they blogged an instructional post for other bird-crazy fans sure to take advantage this Halloween.

“It was a cross between the “Party Rock Anthem” video from LMFAO and a Kia Hamster commercial,” explains Quang Mac, the costume maker. “Halfway into making the head, I saw ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ My initial thought was, ‘CRAP! Now I have to buy a Speedo.’ I am very mild mannered and it is out of character for me to do anything crazy.

“That is what led to the video seen on YouTube. It was an attempt to outdo my last costume. I think I made a valiant effort. Now I have to figure out how to outdo this one for next year.”

Photographer Tommy Kearns captured a series of popular meme costumes for

When asked what he thought of today’s Internet, Kearns replied, “Web culture is the product of the unwashed masses, previously left to passively consume, rising up to create content that refuses to take itself seriously.”Reference the original Hipster Ariel meme here.

Tyler Card built a working Nikon camera costume, featuring LCD display,  built-in flash, and shutter-release button. See how he made it here.

“As of last Sunday I had no idea what to be for Halloween, and with only about a week to decide before the first costume party I planned to attend, I started getting desperate,” says Card. “I didn’t plan on the costume being so functional and detailed, but as I built it, the ideas started coming, and when I get involved with something, I tend to go over the top.

“The most difficult part of making the costume was actually just cutting a circular piece of plexi-glass for the lens without the proper tools. And getting the damn thing on and off requires a little help [laughs].”

5. Ms. Pac-Man & Blinky the Red Ghost

“My boyfriend and I wanted to have costumes that went together but wasn’t necessarily a “couples costume,'” says Ms. Pac-Man, aka Megan Messenger.

“The idea of Pac-Man and Ghosty seemed like the perfect idea, especially since Pac-Man is one of the few video games I can actually play. Everyone got a real kick out of our costumes, especially when Ghosty chased Pac-Man down the street — ‘Wakka wakka wakka.'”

John Savio has made three of these iPhone costumes, one of which he sold for $5,200!

The costume is primarily made of wood, fiberglass and the latest LED flatscreen, which is what makes it so expensive, Savio says. “It’s basically an ice cream sandwich, and I am the ice cream.”

The screen connects to a real iPhone and displays the phone’s capabilities, but doesn’t feature touchscreen technology, unfortunately.

When asked what inspired him to make such a rad iPhone costume, the former Apple employee replied, “It’s a love for Apple products.”

Another photograph by photographer Tommy Kearns for, this costume references the viral Nyan Cat video.

Etsy costume maker DameFatale constructed this rendition of Tron Siren program named Gem, on sale for $2,000.

She also makes Catwoman, superheroine and space-agey costumes that would be perfect for Comic-Con and Halloween.

Blogger Sobrina Tung constructed her cloud costume last minute from white felt, hot glue and a little pillow filler.

She explains that the costume is meant to be interpreted as “I’m in the cloud.” Super nerdy — and we love it!

“Since I’d already dressed up as Twitter and a slice of pizza in prior years, I really had to rack my brain for something special,” says Tung. “The company I was working for at the time was in the middle of a Salesforce implementation, and the cloud was all anyone could talk about. I thought dressing up to be ‘in the cloud’ would be a funny way to add a visual to the conversation.”


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