Naked Pumpkins and Peoplekins Too

Get ready for the naked pumpkin people, Seattle

What is it with Seattle and getting naked? It’s not warm here, it’s not a
particularly nudist-friendly city — yet several times a year like clockwork,
people strip off their clothes and run (or ride bikes) through the streets.

These pumkins have no clothes on! (Getty Images)

This before-Halloween weekend will have plenty of nudity. And plenty of
pumpkins. Together.

Let me explain: The naked people will wear the pumpkins on their heads as they dash through two Seattle neighborhoods over the next few days.

Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run
Image by the crofts via Flickr

There’s a daytime naked pumpkin run in Fremont at 11:11 a.m. on Saturday, and a nighttime run in the Greenlake neighborhood at 9:21 p.m Monday.

Feeling a little shy but still want to participate? Nudity is optional, organizers wrote online:

Go as bare as you dare! The event is clothing-optional, nudity is not mandatory. However, most people prefer to go nude or topfree, especially when considering the anonymity of wearing a pumpkin-head mask.

To find out where to meet up for the runs, you should be at the pumpkin-carving party Saturday.

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