Theatre Of The Absurd

Peculiarities, Curiosities, Strange Dolls and other assorted bizarre mysterious offerings

Circus of the Macabre

Art by Sharaya Brooks

by ~yadd

by Sandra ArteagA

~ by Shain Erin

~ by Shain Erin

by Kerry Kate

~ by Shain Erin

by Denise Alvarado

by Mattie Mayhem

by Laurie Lipton

by Stephen Rothwell

Artist: adnrey/NREY

by adnrey/NREY

Artist: Roberto Kusterle

by Roberto Kusterle

Artist: Bill Carman, “Build Your Own Carnivorous Bot”

by Bill Carman

Artist: Joshua Hoffine

by Joshua Hoffine

Artist: Jaroslaw Kukowski

by Jaroslaw Kukowski

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