Architecture As Jewelry

Ancient Architecture + Modern Costume Jewelry-Making =

// Ever try wearing a red-carpeted spiral staircase, suiting up in a stunning cathedral, wrapping your wrist or neck in an aqueduct or arcade, or perhaps just putting your hand straight through an ornate window? This strange set of architecture-inspired bangles, collars and coils make just about anything seem possible.

These fascinating accessories seem to mold themselves to their wearers  like living works of art, animated dream-like sculptures. Joshua  DeMonte’s unique (post)modern jewelry pieces sure do make a statement,  but what that statement is could be a bit difficult to say.

Sometimes a fashion design idea is functional, and sometimes couture is fashioned to make a designer statement – this is clearly a case of the latter, with Classical Roman and Greek building elements as well as exaggerated Gothic structural details and decorative touches applied to gigantic pieces of unwearable jewelry.


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