Happy Halloween Exclusive- Macabre Treats From Bloggo

The Macabre Parade & Procession

A collection of oddities, curios, peculiarities, the Strange, Disturbing, horrid and beautiful.

A celebration of the creative imagination and diversity of thought.

Bloggo Schloggo Exclusive

A FILMwerx Production from O l i v e r ArtWorks
by Charles Oliver


2.Enrique Gomez De Molina / Interactive Arts
4.houseof1000corpses:zombiesdontlove:WWI facial wounds with experimental skin grafts.
6.sotona: (korovasexbar)(bonefudge)
7.Artist:Thomas Häfner  http://www.johncoulthart.com
8.purephase:madonaperra:bewitching Shimizu
9.Snailfight by ken-wong
10.Artist: Robert and Shana Parkeharrison
11.Artist: Robert and Shana Parkeharrison
12. iheartmyart:Artist: Aron Wiesenfeld, David
13. houseofshows: Stephen Gammell
14.darksilenceinsuburbia: War Of Worlds by Heiko Muller
15.Artist: Mike Worrall
17.Artist: Esau Andrews
18.Artist: Fred Einaudi
19.The Devil presenting St Augustine (of Hippo) with the book of vices. Artist: Michael Pacher
20.Artist: Santiago Caruso paganlovefest
21.Artist: Santiago Caruso
22.Artist: Fred Einaudi
23.Ebenezer and Tiny Tim by lauren-rabbit
24.Artist: Karl Persson Title: Lunch Monkey
25.pope nide gas by ~PsihoDrill
26.Artist: Kris Kuksi Title: The Guardian pyatki.com
27.I want by Nytara-Celes
28.dream once again Artist: SheerHeart
29.Promises by MattSpire
30. Soul-mates by askrzypek
31.Mrs Tentacles and Mr Foghorn by ~Momothecat
32.Egg by Kulik Larissa
33.embryo sluldze by ~PsihoDrill
34.The Body And The Self by parablev
35.the cage by ~Peterio
36.Easter drama by ~PsihoDrill
37.Artist: Greg Petchkovsky disturbingimages:akissso deadly:geekhideout
38.Fetal Skeleton Tableau, 17th Century, University Backroom, Paris (by Joanna)
39.Rosie Hardy
40.Anatomical study by Charles Errard (1606-1689)
see also: Dream Anatomy: A National Library of Medicine Exhibit
41.Fancy Couple Heiko Müller (mechanolatry)
42.Gregory Colbert
44.Jeffery Scott
45.Artist: Mark Ryden
46.A Modern Day Sagitarian’ by Jeffery Scott
47.Artist: David Stoupakis (bunnylicious.org)
48.Artist: Kris Kuksi
49.Artist: Zdzislaw Beksinski blog.isztan.eu
50.Artist: Claude Verlinde
51. Alice’s last last Ouija game by Paul Grand
52. Artist: Dimitri Tsykalov
53.Artist: Frank Kortan
54.Artist: Mikel Glass Title: Boxes of Dolls
55.Artist: Travis Louie Title: Stack of Demons aka Mike, Sam, & Alex
57.Artist: Joel Peter Witkin interesnee.net)
58.Artist: Shain Erin
59.Artist: Carrie Ann Baade
60.Artist: Stefano Bonazzi disturbingimages

Special thanks to Dissonant Muse

Soundtrack Mix and Video by Charles Oliver