Naked Family Gives Pet LSD Gummy Worm For Treat

Police: Naked couple fed LSD-laced gummy worm to dog

Neighbors report nude pair in street after dachshund runs off and
is hit by car

SNELLVILLE, Ga.— A Georgia couple wandered naked in the road in search of their dachshund after giving the pooch a dose of LSD in a gummy worm, authorities say.  

Structure of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

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Snellville police told the newspaper that Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes would face drug charges and might face animal cruelty charges.

A police report on The Smoking Gun website says officers were called to a home on Pinehurst Road on Sunday night after reports of a man and a woman running nude on a street. When the officers knocked on the door, they were greeted by a nude man and a woman naked from the waist up in a very agitated state, the report says.

The reason for the agitation: They were upset that their dog, Oscar, was missing. They told officers that they had taken acid, smoked marijuana and drunk alcoholic beverages — and had given the dachshund LSD, the report says.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that police said the LSD was in a gummy worm.

Photo: LSD known as Blotter Acid


The police report says that the couple were sent to a hospital for treatment, and while officers were still on the scene, the man’s mother and brother arrived with Oscar, which had been hit by a car. The mother and brother wound up being bit by the injured dog and required treatment at a hospital.Oscar was turned over to an animal control officer. The Journal-Constitution said the man’s family asked that the dog be taken to a private veterinarian.

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