Found Stuff Makes For Astound Furniture

Found-Object Furniture: From Booze Bottles to Piano Keys

After seeing some of this work, you almost cannot help but wonder: is there anything in the world that could not be used as the basis for some piece of furniture or another?

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs would suggest there in indeed nothing sacred – from scrap decks of playing cards to giant pieces of broken concrete, pretty much anything can be stacked, glued, bent, twisted or simply dropped into place as a chair, table or … something.

Some pieces are not purely as they appear, of course – you would be hard pressed to put a set of benches together from jeans labels or piano keys alone. Thus, hidden structures (largely made of still other scraps) form a firmer physical basis as needed.

While some themes have been played out in other places (converted keyboard and circuit board tables, for instance) others are really quite experimental (using building blocks in an obvious-yet-elusively-literal way to make table-and-chairs set, for example) or at least entertaining (a play on Southern Comfort, anyone?).



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