For The Love Of Scandal and Controversy

Scandal addicts: Trump, Coulter have racial outbursts,
keeping themselves in headlines

By Dylan Stableford Senior Media Reporter | The Cutline

A pair of scandal-loving celebrities unleashed two separate racially charged, controversy-baiting rants on Tuesday, ensuring their names would be kept in the headlines for at least one more news cycle.

Jon Stewart

First, Donald Trump said in a YouTube video that “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart got away with a “very very racist rant” about Republican 2012 hopeful Herman Cain.

Stewart anchored a “Daily Show” segment on Monday about the sexual harassment allegations against Cain, noting that everything in the former Godfather Pizza chain chief’s past sounds dirty. “You want sausage on your pie?” Stewart said, mimicking an Italian pizza shop staffer.

Ann Coulter

Later in the segment, Stewart mocked a clip in which Cain said his favorite ice cream flavor is black walnut. “It just sounds really dirty now,” Stewart noted. “Hey, stop looking at my black walnuts.”

“Nobody else could pull that off,” Trump said. “Where is Rev. Jackson?
Where’s Rev. Sharpton? Where are all the critics that if somebody else did it, it would be a disaster?” You can watch Trump’s video below:

“It’s not what he said, but the way he said it,” Trump said. “The tone of his
voice, the inflection. Unbelievable. Anybody else, deep, deep trouble.”

Trump, of course, came under fire this past summer for injecting racial
themes into the run-up to the GOP presidential season by raising doubts about President Obama’s citizenship and the authenticity of his birth certificate.

Meanwhile, conservative author and paid provocateur Ann Coulter made
the cable talk show rounds defending Cain against the allegations. On Monday, she appeared on Fox News, telling Sean Hannity that black conservatives are better than black liberals. “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” Coulter said.

In an appearance on “The Joy Behar” show on Tuesday, Coulter was
given a chance to clarify the remark. She did not.

"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...

“I’m saying Google Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney and John Conyers, or Google Allen West, Michael Steele or Herman Cain,” Coulter said. “Ours are more impressive. There is no question about that.”

“When Michael Steele was running for Senate, liberals showed up and rolled Oreos down the aisle at him,” Coulter added. “The only racism you hear is against conservative blacks–and it is vicious.”

Earlier in the day, Coulter even managed to turn a pop culture moment into a racially charged political issue. “Kim Kardashian inspires slogan for 2012 presidential campaign,” she tweeted. “[Once] you go half-black, you CAN go back.”

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