Emergency! I Need A Doc- There’s Dog Poop On My Shoe

Dog poop on shoes among bizarre cases handed to accident and emergency

Written by   –  From IndiaTalkies.com

London, Nov 7:
People in England go to accident and emergency for a number of “inappropriate” reasons including women not being able to remove false fingernails or a man wanting his sick dog treated, a new research has found.

The study found that one father even rang 999 for an ambulance after being bitten on his -finger by his guinea pig, while one mother took her child to A and E because he had stepped in dog excrement and she wanted staff to clean it off.

Three Falck ambulances at the emergency depart...

A girl visited the emergency department for help after a hair dye disaster, while another wanted someone to cut her toenails because she could not get a chiropody appointment.

Among other bizarre incidents forcing people to visit A and E include distraught woman begging nurses to remove paint stuck in her hair.

“The tales told in the videos are very funny and they are extreme cases, but there are very serious issues behind them,” the Daily express quoted Dr Mike Cheshire, medical director at NHS North West, as saying.

“Every minute that an A and E doctor or nurse spends treating very minor problems reduces the time they can spend attending to those who have suffered heart attacks, strokes and life-threatening injuries,” he added. (ANI)


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