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Bloggo Schloggo is my entry into the blog world. I’ve been tossing ideas around in my head for years considering how I should go about it. I wanted to do something informative and entertaining. More on a light humorous side. I investigated the different blog hosting services and felt that WordPress had the best setup. So here I be.

I’d like to keep it apolitical although politics permeate just about everything in the “civilized” world. I hope I can present current affairs without any sort of conservative, liberal, libertarian, socialist, communist, etc. slanted point of view. I’ll leave that to the pundits espousing their personal views on the 1000s of political blogs.

I aim to keep the content fresh, timely and thought-provoking. I’ll include images and video to compliment the texts whenever possible. I am a life long artist and photographer so imagery is important to me. From time to time I’ll be highlighting my own visual works. It’s self-promotion but, that is how I make my living as meager as it may be.

I’m the guy that runs this show but it’s you the reader that owns it. Feel free to submit ideas and suggestions to make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone. I also encourage you to submit stories that you find interesting and fitting for possible inclusion in this blog.

Remember that I may own the bus but you – the reader and contributor are driving this bus.

A little about me – the guy running this blog. My name is Charles Oliver but most people just call me Chuck. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania three years after the end of World War II.

Artist Bio-
Charles has been creating since he could hold a crayon. He is self-taught basically except for some direction from his father who was also an artist.

Charles has been involved with fine art professionally since 1969 when he returned home from Vietnam and the Marine Corps. During the early 70’s he worked as an art consultant to fine artists and exhibited his works in many shows in the Philadelphia, Washington, DC and New York areas.

In 1976 he started his commercial art career and continued to do fine art in his spare time. Mr. Oliver has been an art director, production manager and staff artist for several ad agencies, PR firms, newspapers and printers.

Mr. Oliver moved to a mountain top home in Mt. Jackson, Va. in 2007 where he currently resides.

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