Give to the Max Day in in Greater Washington, DC


November 9th is Give to the Max
Day in Greater Washington

Thousands of area residents are going to show their support for area
nonprofits by simply pressing HERE to donate just $10.

If everyone donates $10.00 today that would help care for
our 400+ children for an entire year!

Lift up their voice ~ Lift up their life.
Advocate for over 450 abused and neglected children
to ensure that theirneeds do not go unheard.On November 9th, we can join together to help the 430 innocent child victims Greater Prince William CASA will serve this year.

Child play

i-on via Flickr


Give To CASA On This Day? We need your help to support the abused
and neglected children in our community. We need lift up a child that they
can have a safe and loving environment. CASA will provide a voice for
them and speak for them to receive the care they need.

What Amount Should I Give?

Any amount helps but we are asking for $10.00, think about it …. that’s
two cups of coffee from Starbucks, not even a lunch out. If everyone that
reads this gives $10.00 or more, we can provide an Advocate for each of
the abused and neglected children we help in our community.

child abuse

Southworth Sailor via Flickr

You have been reading some very disturbing stories of the terrible things happening to children in our community in our local paper. Most of the
often horrific physical or sexual abuse endured by the children will never
be in our newspapers in order to protect the children from being victimized
again by the publication of their pain, humiliation, and shame. We know,
you would save them from it if you could. We at CASA work to help insure
that it won’t happen again, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please do these three things:

1)     MARK THIS LINK- Put November 9th on your calendar and add this
giving link.

2)     BUILD THE BUZZ- Follow us on Facebook and help build the buzz.

3)     SPREAD THE WORD- Forward this email to your family and friends
along with a personal note as to why you believe in our work, and why
they should give to CASA of Greater Prince William on November 9th.

Please be a champion for the child victims of abuse. Help build the
momentum and lift up a Child’s Voice, A CHILD’S LIFE.


Charlyn Hasson-Brown

Executive Director

CASA logo

CASA of Greater Prince William
9384 – C Forestwood Lane,
Manassas, VA 20110 703.330.8145

This is a public service announcement from Bloggo Schloggo hoping for your support. I know this organization well and they provide a great service to children and their communities providing them a voice that they wouldn’t otherwise have. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates (for children)