You’ve Got Me Going In Circles- Digital Circlism Art

Artist Makes Celebrity Portraits from Thousands of Circles

By  Spooky

Using an original technique he calls Digital Circlism, artist Ben Heine creates detailed portraits of celebrities like Eminem, Bob Marley or Elvis Presley.

A Belgian artist born in the Ivory Coast, Heine is most famous for his Pencil vs Camera series, which was covered by many of the major online media outlets, but his Digital Circlism portraits are equally, if not more impressive. Using a sharp round brush in Photoshop CS4, he applies thousands of circles on a black background, until he creates a colorful, realistic portrait. You might think he uses some kind of automated process to apply every circle, but that’s actually the most remarkable thing about Ben Heine – he adds every one of the circles individually. Each circle has a different color, a different tone and a different size, which makes creating a single one of these artworks very time consuming. His latest work, a portrait of hip-hop icon Eminem, is made exclusively with flat circles on a black background, and took nine days of intensive labour to complete.

A new technique, developed by Ben Heine himself, Digital Circlism could certainly develop into an important artistic movement.

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Pencils For Sculpture- Forget Drawing

Beyond Drawing: Creative Colored Pencil Art & Sculpture

From US Patent 19783 Combination of Lead-Penci...

From US Patent 19783 Combination of Lead-Pencil and Eraser by L. Lipman, March 1958.


From a very first look at these wonderfully detailed colored pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre, it should come as no surprise that her artwork was initially inspired by spiny sea urchins – beautiful be dangerous to the touch.


For each sculpture, Jennifer hacks apart hundreds of colored pencils, cores them perpendicular to their length and turns them into beads, essentially, which she then meticulously stitches back together and slowly shapes into solid sculptures.


Though her beginnings were with creatures of the water, Jennifer quickly expanded her subject matter to cover other organic objects – from plants and flowers to house pets and more abstract animals.


While some of her work has a planned form from the very beginning, other pieces morph and shift as they take shape into something completely unplanned but nonetheless compelling.


While her work continues to evolve, this incredible artist has had dozens of exhibitions over the past decade and has also won numerous awards, pushing herself in new directions while exploring the limits of her unique approach.

From Dornob

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Image Of The Day- “Good and Evil”


“Good and evil”
by Charles Oliver


"Good and Evil" by Charles Oliver

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The Shenandoah Collection – Traditional Fine Art

Deziner Werx- Gourds From Halloween To Wuthering Heights As Lights

12 Gorgeous Gourds: Tropical Lamps Swirl Light & Shadow

Art circles craft all around these exquisitely carved, drilled and etched gourd shells shipped from Senegal. The elaborate patterns are not just for show, though – they are made to cast spectacular light displaces on interior ceilings, walls and floors.

Designed and executed by Â Calabarte, some small etchings are intentionally superficial, remaining opaque or translucent, while others are cut deep for full transparency. Each is naturally unique, but so are the shapes scooped out of it by hand (after each shell is hand-selected, emptied and dried).

Some feature abstract patterns while others form more literal representations (a globe, for example) – many are fractal-like, creating a sort of secondary-but-still-natural layer of visual interest across the surface and in terms of projected light.

Like other plants from Cucurbitaceae family (such as cucumbers, squashes and melons), the shell of a gourd has a long history of adaptive reuse in the form of decoration and ornamentation, on the one hand, and being employed as functional vessels or instruments on the other.

From DORNOB Design Ideas Daily

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DezinerWerx= Semi Transparent Home

Void Masonry: Half-Transparent Home Built of Light & Steel

Solids and voids – arguably the two core elements to any design – are viscerally and visibly at the heart of this home. It is defined inside and out by a bold shell; this wrapper alternates rhythmically between solid-sheet steel and transparent ceramic-coated glass.

Atelier TEKUTO wanted to take lessons from both the brick-by-brick masonry approach to traditional architecture, and the frame-and-cladding strategies that reached new heights with modern skyscrapers – then overlap and stitch them back together in a unique but affordable little Japanese residence.

On the exterior, the pixelated pattern creates a compelling facade. On the interior, deep (and notably load-bearing) steel boxes serve as shelving and are depth-optimized to let in less heat during the summer and more during the winter.

Beyond the lovely contemporary patterns created through light and shadow alone, there is a deeper method at work here: a philosophical stance about the inside of a home being wide open, with your life on display, while the exterior reveals little of the depth (metaphorical or otherwise) that waits within.

Surprisingly simple in plan, and modular in execution, a little material goes a long way in making these spaces engaging on all sides – it is less about strange and engaging shapes, and much more about the careful balance of small and large scales, open and shut modules, solids and voids, lights and darks.

From DORNOB Design Ideas Daily

It ain’t the Dalai as in Lama, It’s the Dali as in Aardvark

Salvador Dali Taking His Anteater for a Walk

Surrealist Salvador Dalí is best known for his twisted  sense of reality and striking paintings. However I had no idea he was an  anteater fan as well.



The Persistence of Memory is one of the most f...
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Salvador Dali often referred to as the “Father Of Surrealism” was also a genius in self-promotion and showmanship. He has been a major influence in my surrealist styled artworks over the years. – Bloggo

“The Persistence Of Memory” is probably Dali’s most recognizable and famous work which featured his trademark dripping clocks.